A Vision of Royalty

Shulchan Melachim Publishers was founded in תשנ"ז with a vision to improve the quality of Limud Halacha and to publish a Shulchan Aruch fit for a king (מאן מלכי רבנן). The task lying before the Machon was enormous, converting old prints, manuscripts & first editions - all into separate digital versions to allow for editing, contrasting and eventually re-typesetting the Shulchan Aruch and all the Nosei Keilim.

From an Idea to a New Reality

Chazal teach us יגעת ומצאת - תאמין.

In תשס"ד - after seven years of intensive labor, this dream became a reality with the publishing of the first Mahadurah of Shulchan Aruch Tzuras Hadaf. This groundbreaking Mahadura was the first in it's kind, digitally typeset with clear fonts and a clean format, introducing a new level of accuracy and clarity for the learner while maintaining the original Tzuras Hadaf. The oilam hatorah learned to appreciate this very quickly and it instantly became a bestseller, selling thousands of sets in the first year alone!


Raising the Bar

Shulchan Melachim Publishers did not stop improving. As can be expected there was an outpour of positive feedback coming in from all over the world. Talmidei Chahomim everywhere were eager to contribute to the project, many providing valuable insights or original manuscripts that weren't widely available. Shulchan Melachim got busy incorporating these corrections and thus further refining their edition to the highest standard humanly possible.

To this very day the Shulchan Aruch Tzuras Hadaf remains the most popular choice for Batei Medrash & bnei torah who are looking for a time-tested, highly trusted edition.

 A New Concept

In תשס"ט Shulchan Melachim was the first publisher to introduce a set of Tur with Shulchan Aruch, elevating the learning experience with a practical solution for those learning halacha b'iyun. Bnei torah no longer had to juggle several seforim when delving into a sugya saving valuable time and effort. This measure also alleviated from the financial burden on avreichim who until this point had to buy a set of Tur and a set of Shulchan Aruch separately.

To date, the Tur Shulchan Aruch - Tzuras Hadaf remains the #1 bestseller amongst bnei torah across the globe, selling thousands of sets every year. This is largely due to the fact that Shulchan Melachim offers the learner the highest level of accuracy and value.

MiChayil el Chayil

This may have been a good stopping point for most publishers, but not for Shulchan Melachim. The directors of Shulchan Melachim constantly ask themselves how they can do better and this time the answer came from the tzibbur.

Many bnei torah who were enjoying the tzuras hadaf edition simply wanted more, many were looking for something beyond the confines of the cherished tzuras hadaf. More, as in more meforshim, more poskim, more tziyunim v'hashlamos, more material in the seforim they came to love.

Upon consultation with Da'as Torah and with their explicit guidance, Shulchan Melachim introduced for the very first time Shulchan Aruch - "Mishnah Berurah" - in addition to all the nosei kelim from the classic Shulchan Aruch, this edition included the Pri Megadim, Mishnah Berurah, Biur Halacha & Sha'arei HaTziun on the page alongside the mechaber, as well as the a Kovetz Mefarshim and Yalkut Chiburim.

This was a truly historic moment! Proper recognition and prominence was now being given to the Mishnah Berurah, not only as a source of Halacha L'maaseh for Ashkenazim but also as a necessity for everyone learning Halacha to achieve a proper understanding of the sugyos.

The Gold Standard

All of this progress has led to the publishing of what we now consider The Gold Standard, the new mahadurah of Tur Shulchan Aruch Hamurchav.

Building on all of their previous experience and valuable feedback from the tzibbur this mahadura represents the highest standard both in quantity and in quality.

For the first the Darchie Moshe Ha'Aruch being printed on the gilyon of the Tur. This edition also includes many chiburim, such as the complete Sifrei HaLevush with Elya Rabba, Elya Zuta & Malbushie Yom Tov, conveniently placed in the back of each volume.

You can read more about this edition here.

Looking Forward

What started as a pioneering vision remains as a commitment to the ongoing work of ensuring that bnei torah all over the world can benefit from the highest standard seforim.